Sharp LC-15E1U 15" AQUOS LCD Flat-Panel TV (Silver)

Sharp LC-15E1U 15

Sharp LC-15E1U 15" AQUOS LCD Flat-Panel TV (Silver)
Manufacturer: Sharp
Product Type: CE

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Product Description
Sharp AQUOS Liquid Crystal (LC) Televisions are the brightest available, so you can put them anywhere - even near windows, doors or other light sources - and their picture will still be vivid.The Sharp AQUOS LC Television with built-in cable TV tuner is less than 3" deep with an elegant design and screen. And with Sharp's proprietary Advanced Super View LCD panel, it has a higher contrast ratio and wider viewing angles than conventional LCD TVs, making it truly "TV where you want it", for any room in the house! Product Description
Enjoy slim, stylish video images from Sharp's feature-packed, high-tech 15-inch LC-15E1U Aquos screen. The monitor comes with a built-in cable TV tuner and measures less than 3 inches deep. Even when it's positioned near a window or other high-glare location, its proprietary Advanced Super View panel with black TFT antiglare coating makes it bright enough for you to view its brilliant colors with ease.

The LC-15E1U is an Aquos E-series model, which means it has a sleek and minimalist style that's ideal for wall installations, with speakers on the bottom of the TV and a narrower body than other Sharp Aquos models have. It also includes a removable easel-style table stand. With wider horizontal and vertical viewing angles than most LCDs have and a built-in stand that tilts and swivels, the LC-15E1U can be positioned at virtually any angle and you'll be assured of a clear picture. An image-inverting feature even makes it easy to flip the image upside down or mirror it.

The set features component-video, composite-video, S-video for your DVD player, VCR, or gaming console, an RF antenna input for older VCRs and cable boxes, as well as a cable-ready, built-in 181-channel tuner. An electronic PLL tuner handles over-air reception of TV programming. The monitor's energy-efficient design consumes 60 percent less power than a conventional television with the same-size screen consumes.

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