Conair HCR1350Y Hummer Truck-Shaped Clock Radio with CD Player

Conair HCR1350Y Hummer Truck-Shaped Clock Radio with CD Player

Conair HCR1350Y Hummer Truck-Shaped Clock Radio with CD Player
Manufacturer: Conair
Product Type: CE

Editorial Review:
Product Description
HUMMER HCR1350Y Hummer-Style CD AM/FM Stereo Alarm Clock Product Description
Hummer fans who love the outsized trucks but can't afford such an extravagant purchase can amuse themselves with this mini-Hummer clock radio, which looks just like the monster vehicle but with a much smaller chassis. The radio includes a number of snazzy features to entertain Hummer enthusiasts, including headlights that turn on when the power is activated, a lifting roof that doubles as a single-disc CD tray, and a front hood that houses the controls for the CD player and AM/FM tuner. The CD player is more robust than the models typically found in clock radios, with compatibility for CD-R and CD-RW formats in addition to standard audio CDs. It also employs such functions as shuffle, program, repeat, and track search. Meanwhile, the radio comes with 20 station presets, letting users program their favorite stations for easy access. Additional features include multiple alarm settings (for waking to a CD, the radio, or a buzzer), a large display with a brightness control, and a headphone jack that lets users listen in private. The radio takes its Hummer theme further with the remote control, which matches the truck's yellow housing. The radio, which measures 9.38 by 9.25 by 18 inches (W x H x D), takes six AA batteries, while the remote takes an additional pair. It also comes with a one-year warranty against defects.

What's in the Box
Clock radio, remote control, user's manual.

Average customer rating: 3.5
  • Fails to meet Sony design standards and warranty support
  • A portable wonder

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Customer Reviews:

2 out of 5 stars Fails to meet Sony design standards and warranty support.......2007-04-30

This product is not designed or built to the usually high Sony standards. The LCD screen WILL break under normal use and Sony will not honor the warranty if the screen fails. My screen failed after six months and I returned the computer to Sony for repairs. Sony charged me over $700 and refused to return the 'physically damaged screen' as I requested so that the 'intentional damage' that I 'caused' could be verified. To confirm that this is a design flaw Sony included with the repaired computer NEW instructions as to how to prevent damaging the screen noting that 'the LCD screen may be sensitive to pressure or added stress'. This product is a sad commentary on Sony's design standards and on its unwillingness to stand behind its warranty.

5 out of 5 stars A portable wonder.......2007-02-03

I used to have Sony VAIO PCG-TR3A before this laptop. In fact, I used that vaio for 3 years and you can find my review of that item from 2004 on amazon. This laptop has an 11" screen so is larger than the earlier model I mentioned yet lighter. It has almost everything that one would want from a desktop including dvd burner yet is very portable. Compared to the aforementioned model it lacks the built in camera, but this time sony included bluetooth. Another feature included is the sd card reader in addition to the memory stick pro reader. Also the added security feature with the fingerprint sign in is really useful and "cool."
I enjoy the 17mm keyboard since I am used to it from my earlier vaio, yet one thing I am missing is the second function key that used to be also on the right side of the keyboard near the up and down arrows which made it easy to do page up and down as well.
Added as well are the av controls that are easy to access and are located right below the screen and away from the keyboard. Also included are easy turn on and off buttons for wifi/bluetooth as well as mute and volume control. Also the dvd opens from the side which is actually an improvement from the earlier versions where it opened towards the user.
Also included is an antenna on the right side of the laptop, I am not sure how much it really improves the wifi reception. I can only say that I have not had any problems. One issue might be that this antenna could possibly break easily...
One of the most important improvements was in battery life. With the standard battery I have been able to surf the net at the highest screen setting for about 6 hours, which is remarkably more than before. I also purchased the larger battery which adds weight but also enables you to use your vaio much longer. I have continuously used it for 8 hours in a flight and still had juice for later.
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dvd burner included
usability despite the size
great screen quality
metal looking keyboard
fingerprint security
battery life
card readers
no additional cost upgrade to vista (soon newer versions will probably be delivered with Vista)

No camera


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