Mirage OmniSat Omnipolar Speaker (Platinum)

Mirage OmniSat Omnipolar Speaker (Platinum)

Mirage OmniSat Omnipolar Speaker (Platinum)
Manufacturer: Mirage
Product Type: CE

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Over twenty years ago, Mirage revolutionized the audio industry by introducing M-1, the world's first bipolar speaker. Dramatically increasing sound dispersion and turning flat recordings into full-bodied, near realistic performances, the M-I quickly set the standard in speaker performance. Mirage has done it again. With the Mirage OmniSat 13477 Omnipolar Speaker, Mirage's unique patent-pending Omnipolar technology radiates sound in a full, 360-degree, spherical spectrum that will envelop you in a world of sound that you've never experienced before.

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Patent-Pending Omnipolar Technology
Mirage OmniSat Speakers use Omnipolar technology that relies on natural room reflections to produce a greater sense of realism, as well as create a deep, wide, and tall sound stage. This phenomenon is accomplished by recreating the same ratio of direct to reflected sound found in nature--70 percent reflected and 30 percent direct. It is the additional reflected sound provided by the speaker that creates the Omnipolar three-dimensional sound experience.

Another way to think about it is to picture yourself at a live music performance or at the theater. The sounds you hear come not just directly from the performers, but are also reflected off the walls, ceiling, floor, and other objects. While our brains use direct sound to recognize where it is coming from, it is the reflected sound that provides the sense of space and adds depth to musical performances. What this means to you is that once you've set up your speaker system, it almost doesn't matter where you sit. Unlike traditional speakers, there is no "sweet spot" for you to best appreciate the music. With the OmniSat 13477, the best seat in the house is just about anywhere you choose to sit.

To achieve this stunning experience, Mirage has built into the OmniSat 13477 some of the finest components, materials, manufacturing techniques, and cutting-edge technologies that you'll find in any speaker. The OmniSat 13477 features the latest generation of Mirage's Pure Titanium Hybrid (PTH) tweeter. PTH tweeters have earned worldwide recognition for their crystal clear and lifelike high-frequency reproduction, low distortion, and wide dispersion.

The PTH tweeter dome is mated to a compliant cloth suspension, eliminating the harsh ringing effect often found with metal domes. The small new Mirage mid-bass driver is constructed with injection-molded polypropylene, impregnated with graphite, carbon, and mica, and is titanium-coated to provide increased strength and rigidity in a super-light cone.

Omnipolar technology radiates sound in a full 360 degree spherical spectrum. View larger.
To help create the lifelike Omnipolar effect using only two drivers, the speaker's dispersion modules are strategically positioned conical shaped cylinders that disperse the sound from the drivers in a spherical direction. To achieve its tight and accurate bass response, Mirage utilizes polypropylene titanium deposit hybrid cones with Santaprene surrounds. Briefly, the cones are subjected to a titanium deposit process that gives them an ideal stiffness-to-weight ratio, while the Santaprene surrounds provide better strength and flexibility than rubber or foam.

The OmniSat 13477 provides 150 watts of total power with a frequency response of 70 Hz-20 kHz (+/- 3 dB). Add to all of this magnetic shielding that allows the speaker to be placed next to or on top of a television with out causing interference to the picture, and high-quality, five-way binding posts that allow the use of high-gauge speaker wire and connectors, and you've got a speaker that offers tremendous sound reproduction and performance.

The Mirage Design
Mirage's revolutionary Omnipolar speakers break free from conventional speakers with a compact, circular design with an elegant platinum finish that will fit and perform flawlessly in virtually any room.

At a mere seven pounds and measuring 8 x 6.25 x 8 inches (HxWxD), the OmniSat 13477 is compact enough to sit on practically any horizontal surface in your room. It is also designed to allow for several installation options. The speaker is equipped with a dual key-way bracket for simple wall installation with just one screw, and it also comes with a clip that makes installing it on the ceiling a breeze. You can also purchase an optional OmniSat stand in either white or platinum/black for easy placement anywhere in your room.

In addition to platinum, the speakers come in three additional color options: black, white and platinum/black. Perfect for music, or the ideal way to create a remarkable home-theater experience when used in combination with the Mirage Omni S8 13698 8-inch Subwoofer, the OmniSat 13477 will enhance your listening experiences with sound that you'll not soon forget.

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